Open card game

PortIcullis: The open card game

Design your own cards, print them out, design a deck!

The game ruleset PortIcullis is infinitely portable. While easy to learn, the basic rules can be used to create almost any resource-oriented game that you care to create for it. When you have finished making your cards, simply print nine of them at a time onto an available blank card sticker sheet, and stick them on the blank playing cards, so that your deck, and game, is as unique as you want to make it. Trade the cards with friends, creating your own virtual worlds and in-jokes, or even sell your creations for a profit!

While the game's fundamental design allows for literally infinite variations, the basic rules for card design allow multiple players to engage each other on a fundamental and fair level; the Porticullis software helps you in creating cost-balanced cards, or download our own card ideas to get started. And because the card system is object-oriented and structured, regardless of how complicated the cards or systems tend to be, different players can enjoy a game free of confusing rules conflicts, allowing your creativity to culminate in hours of fun.

You can buy a starter kit to begin, or purchase individual components separately. The starter kit contains the balanced construction software, 75 blank cards, 9 sticker sheets (81 card-sized stickers), and 20 tokens, making the game much cheaper than similar games, especially for those just starting out on their own unique adventure.

What you get

The ability to download the current developer-made sets is currently down, as you are about to see an all-new set based upon our Malarky game.

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Current sets:

Basic set
__Expanded Basic
Team Spirit
(Coming soon) Sword and Sorcery
(Coming Soon) Malarky Project

This rather simple card costs 3, and provides a one-time
benefit of 4 victory points. More common are cards that
allow a secondary production each turn. Select abilities
that you find beneficial.