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Basic cardsAbilities from this setCost
Basic cardsAbilities from this setCost
Mister Awesome Has a strength of 10 X cost  
Nerdigy Has intelligence of 10 X cost  
Snipe Targeted damage of cost  
Bees! Dynamic strength  
Energy Borrower Exhausion theft  
Goggles Do Nothing (Item)  
Oh No! Hide! Evasion +1 Element 
Recuperate -2 Damage Tokens 
Ahhhh, Refreshing Beverage Refresh Exhaustion (Item) 1 Element 
I'm Going As Fast As I Can! One-time Refresh of Exhaustion +1 
High Winds Hamper Operations Intelligence Damage (Spread) 3 per damage 
Misinform Intelligence Damage (Targeted) 2 Element + 2 per damage 
Propaganda Intelligence Damage (Universal) 1 per damage 
First Aid Kit Remove a damage token from up to 2 characters (Item) Element + 1 
Transfer Load Payment | Antiretirement (Item) Element | Element to activate 
Library Draw a card (Terrain) 7 | 2 to activate 
I'm Going to Draw Some Cards Draw a card 
Restore Card Retreive a card that has been used and return it to your hand. Element + 2 
Poke poke poke Add a damage token (Item) 8 | 6 to activate 
Karate Master Exhaust | Add a damage token (Character) +3 
Camos Evasion (Creature) +1 Element 
Computer Guy Exhaust to draw a card Element + 2 
Go Out With a Whoosh No interceptions this turn 2X Element + 2 + Discard a character from play 
Moral support Exhaust to add strength and intelligence to another character 
Rumormonge Exhaust Add 2 Damage Tokens (Item) 2 X Element + 2 | 6 victory points to activate 
Supplies! Exhaust to Povide Element (Character) Element 
Eats Anything Every time the last damage token is taken off of this chracter, it gains 10 strength and 10 intelligence Element + 2 
Ingenious Disguise Temporary Evasion 1 | Element to activate 
I'm back! Return a character to your hand from retirement +1 Element 
Whiteout! Characters cannot perfrom missions this turn. No refunds are given for already begun missions. 1 element 
What a Bargain +30 Strength, +30 Intelligence 4, each other player may play a card for free. 
Baseless Accusation Retire a character with Strength greater than 39 and intelligence less than 41 Element + 3 
Rumor Mill Retire a character with Strength greater than 39 and intelligence less than 41 (Item) +1 
Plan Ahea... Set your hand aside and look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Discard 2 of those cards. Replace the third. Return to your original hand. (Character) +1 
Whatever Return a character to its owner's hand. No refunds are supplied to its cost. 2 Element + 2 
Respect the Dead Discard a character from play. Its controller gains victory points equal to 5 X its strength 2 Element 
Fence Discard an item from play. Its controller gains victory points equal to 5X its strength. 2 element 
(Nonexistant) Select between two abilities +1 
Just This Once 30 Strength, 30 Intelligence. Retire if used in a mission (Character) 1 Element 
Observe Carefully Draw 3 Cards 2 Element + 6 
Zap Discard any card in play 2 Element + 10 
Feel my Wrath! All items in play must be discarded 2 element + 4 
Learn the "Way" Discard all characters from play. 2 element + 4 
Take It with You, Stupid! exhaust, retire, element | discard one item from play (Character) +2 
There Are Those Who Call Me .... Exhaust to add 1 damage token (Character) +3 
Counteract Eliminate a production 2 element + 2 (Limit 3 counteractivities) 
Mole exhaust, retire | Eliminate a production 2 element + 2 
Party Party Party! Remove exhaustion from one character. Add it to another character  
Assassin of Name Retire a character with intelligence less than cost 2 element + a cost 
Vandal When this character is produced, also retire an item (Character) +2 
Rising Tide Lifts All Gain 3 victory points for each of opponent's characters perfrming as part of a mission this turn. 
Sanctuary Exhaust to remove 1 damage token from a character (Terrain improvement) +4 
Barbed Wire Exhaust to add a damage token to a character currently performing on a mission (Terrain improvement) +5 
Rolling Hills 2 X (Exhaust to provide an element) (Terrain) 
Lost ... (Name) Exhaust to remove a character from a mission (Terrain improvement) + (Element + 3) 
Confusing ... (Name) Exhaust to remove a character from a mission (Terrain improvement) +1 + (element + 2 to activate) 
and the Box it Came In Exhaust to provide an element (Terrain improvement) 
Exhausted ... (Name) Enters play exhausted (Terrain improvement) -1 
Planned ... (Name) Discard from hand to draw another card (Terrain improvement) 1 (+1 to activate) 
Useless ... (Name) + Discard this card from hand to draw another card 4 (+2 to activate) 
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