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Team Spirit

The team spirit cards enhance the game beyond a traditional 2-player game.  Cards that affect multiple players at once are now possible, including 2 new cards: Ally and Enemy cards.

With Ally cards, the card grants a bonus to yourself and all allies. In turn, you get the bonus of all other Ally cards that your allies play. Conversely, Enemy cards only affect the players that are not your allies. Will you rule through kindness or fear? And choose your allies well, for once formed, these partnerships are not easily broken. For while an allied victory is possible, allies may find a way to win on their own, and there will be little you can do about such backstabbing. Let the diplomacy begin!
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Basic CardsAbilities from this setRange
Basic CardsAbilities from this setRange
Break treaty Choose an ally. You are no longer that player's ally. A single ally 
Bribe All allies gain 4 gold Ally 
Let's be friends (No benefit, ally exchange anyway) Ally 
Piece of peace Choose a nonallied player. You are now that player's ally. A single enemy. 
Prey upon the weak You may not play this card unless you posess a character with negative humanity. Shoose one: All allies give you 3 victory points each, or all non-allies give you 3 victory points each. Enemy / Ally 
Quest of friendship All allies draw 2 cards Ally 
Renessance All players draw an extra card at the beginning of their active turns. (Universal) 
Reward the faithful +5 victory points for each Ally Ally 
Send someone to help out All allies get a token character to place into play. This character has no attributes. Ally 
Shortage Whenever any player sells a resouce, that player gains 2 gold. (Universal) 
Slap All nonallies lose 2 victory points Enemy 
St. Nicholas Choose any number of allies. Choose an item you posess to give to each of them. Then, each of those allies must give you a different item that they possess. Allies 
Surplus Once per turn: 2 Gold -> 1 resource of the player's choice (Universal) 
Showing 13 items