Demo Game

The game starts with 4 players and a deck of Internet Flamewar cards. (It can be played with more players, however there is eventually a point where the deck runs out too quickly.)

Each card has the standard suit and card value on its top-right corner, and also a special ability that may be played instead. A player may choose to play either one.

Cards that are fairly small in standard play value (such as the insignificant three, here) tend to have a fairly powerful secondary ability.
In this case, the card may instead be played counteract a rational argument that is already in play.

Let us play a demonstration game:

First, we deal 5 cards out to each player. Then each player plays in turn, adding the value of his card to his total. When a player's total is 20 or more, that player wins the trick.

But an ARGUMENT can start with a properly inflammatory topic. For example, the ever-burdened "evolution is a theory" card always starts a good science flamewar, doubling the point value of cards in that suit. but I am playing my personal favorite card:

This unique flamewar doubles all point value cards. Yes, all the four suits; economics (diamonds), religion (clubs), politics (spades), and technology (hearts). Face cards are worth ten when not played using their incendiary special ability. The numeric tens themselves are denoted "Rational arguments." Playing a rational argument during a flamewar usually brings instant victory. Usually; but beware when two players both play with rational arguments, as two of my opponents have unwisely done...

For two people cannot both win the argument; a flamewar erupts! All "winning" players may play cards in quick succession, each flaming the other mindlessly until one player emerges as the victor! Quick, Insult his grammar, intelligence, mother, or choice of beverage. Play loose with facts, never properly reference sources, and only admit wrongness upon running out of playable cards.

Thus is the flamewar ended. My two unworthy opponents have decided upon a victor. The other must continue the eternal debate another day.

Thus it has been and this it will be; so let it be typed, so let it be done.

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