Parts of any game can be fun, but parts of some other games can be not so fun. That's why we developed a game that actually plays with you.
This game emphasizes features of the game that are well-used and deephisizes parts that seem like meaningless grinding. It plays harder when
when you're doing better, and lets up when you do poorly, but only if you want to be challenged, and don't seem to need a couple easy victories.

The story involves a government snafu, wherein some Artificial Intelligences  from a secret government project have escaped. It's your job to help out. Or not. Are they evil or useful? Will you help them or the government? Will you be open and honest, or practice brilliant deceptivtry? Either ways, the game itself slowly figures you out. Your choices
dictate how others will react. The game will learn your secrets. Your background knowledge is incorporated into puzzles. Your skills are incorporated into the action. Your
memory is tabulated, and the game gears towards improving it. How will you solve ethical dilemmas? Sometimes, do you just need to lay waste, or give peace a chance? You might be seriously surprised at the outcome, or you could have known it all along... You are in charge. Let the game begin.